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In the night sky
In the night sky
i see these beautiful stars
and they remind me of you
so beautiful yet cold and distant
something i can't touch
something i can't be apart of
out of reach but just in sight
something that i may never be able to touch
but i wan't to touch
i want to be apart of it
i want to be warm and close
i want to be there with you
and not have to
look up at a beautiful starry night
and be reminded how things are
with us
i want to be reminded that
we are as beautiful as the stars
i want to believe the fairytale
that the stars and close and warm
that they are romantic to sit under
not this cold hearted feeling i get now
the stars how they can change
the way you look at things
:iconlirajie:lirajie 1 0
I can't
i can't keep this casual anymore
i can't keep being casual about how i feel for you
i can't keep being a casual place to stay
i can't keep being casual about our intimacies
i can't be casual any more
it's either we are or we aren't
it can't stay the way things are
it can't be like this anymore
because i just can't do it anymore
i love you
i want to be with you
i want to be there for you
i can't be the way we are any more
i just can't
:iconlirajie:lirajie 0 0
is it true?
is it true?
that in my own depression
i didn't see the way you looked at me?
is it true?
that in my warped head
that i didn't see the good things you did for me?
is it true?
that i'm so wrapped up in my own world
that i never saw the true you?
is it true?
that everything we've been through together?
was warped instantly in my head?
making things out to be more serious than they actually are
is it true?
that everything i believe to be true about us
is just a warped image i've created in my messed up head?
:iconlirajie:lirajie 1 0
I'm not scared
i'm not scared to say
i'm in love with you
that i can't live without you
you mean the world to me
and i want us back together
i'm not scared
of the past we have
or the feelings i have
i'm not scared
to be with you
because i know
that my feelings are true
i'm not scared
that you'll betray me again
i'm not scared
of you
i'm not scared
that you'll hurt me
like so many others
i'm not scared
because i love you
what i am scared of
is losing you
:iconlirajie:lirajie 2 0
my spinach tree by lirajie my spinach tree :iconlirajie:lirajie 1 0
Sitting alone inside my head
where the darkness takes full reign
no one now lives in this mind
not now since the darkness has taken over
only dark twisted thoughts whiz through this head
i wonder where i went?
how the darkness won so easy
can i bring back the light?
that once shone so bright
or am i stuck in the darkness
forever not knowing where it will
take me?
:iconlirajie:lirajie 1 0
Lost myself
I'm lost
i can't find me
no one can find me
i don't know where to look
no one does
i'm losing my hold
i can't be strong
i don't know what to do
i don't understand
why this is happening
i don't understand
how i lost myself
i don't understand
how to find myself
:iconlirajie:lirajie 0 0
Save me
In the end you are the one
that mattered
you are the one
that chose to break me
you are the one
that i can't live without
you are the one
who can live without me
you are the one
who turned their back
you are the one
who makes me feel cold
you are the one
that still warms me
you are the one
that won't leave my head
you are the one
driving me insane
you are the one
that's saving me from my insanity
you are the one
that's going to let me fall
you are the one
who's going to save me from falling
you are the one
who's causing havoc inside me
you are the one
who is keeping the peace inside me
you are the one
who's creating a war inside me
you are the one
who can stop it
save me from it
save me from you
save me from everything you do to me
save me from everything that's inside
just save me
i'm on my last legs
i can't take it anymore
just come and save me from myself
:iconlirajie:lirajie 1 2
i can't stand it
i can't stand the way
you still look at me
i can't stand the way
you still wanna hang everyday
i can't stand the way
i still wanna say i love you
i can't stand the way
that i can't
i can't stand the way
we still act the same
i can't stand the way
that i know we aren't the same
i can't stand the way
i can't keep away
i can't stand the way
i can't be with you
:iconlirajie:lirajie 0 0
I'm too trusting they say
what i think is why shouldn't i trust?
i trust you to be there
i trust you not to hurt me
i trust you not to lie to me
i trust you to not play games with me
i trust you to be you
is it misplaced the trust i give?
maybe the people who say this
are the people i shouldn't trust?
i'm putting my trust in you to keep me safe
from the pretenders who only want to hurt me
i'm trusting you to protect me from the lies and the liers
i'm trusting you with everything
don't let me down
because i'm too TRUSTING
:iconlirajie:lirajie 0 0
i'm Alive
when your around
i light up
parts of me that fall asleep
when your gone
re-awaken when your here
i come back Alive
creating me once again
being me and only me
not the half me when your gone
you make me feel
so Alive
:iconlirajie:lirajie 2 7
i'm happy
for the first time without you
i'm still waiting for you
but you are no longer my whole world
you are no longer constantly in my head
you are no longer tearing me apart inside
i'm no longer burning as much
that fire dimmed
no longer am i fixated
i only have a healthy interest for you now
i still love you
i'll still wait
but not with as much angst
i'm content to just be me
you take your time
my patience will never end
you take you time
an know i'll be here waiting for you
because i'm happy now
:iconlirajie:lirajie 0 4
Your confusing me
you tell me you love me
you tell me you miss me
yet your still with her
you say you need to get your thoughts together
whats there to put together?
you love me right?
you miss me right?
then come back
you obviously don't want her that way
you obviously want to be back with me
then come back
have back what you miss
have back what you love
you can have anything back
if you just come back
stop this confusing whirlwind
stop messing with my head
stop being the one thing i cant have
the one thing i need
stop the confusing touches
that leave us wanting more
when you and i know
we cannot
stop this confusing whirlwind
that's throwing up
new ways of sadistic torture
stop the confusing whirlwind
then we can both be safe
:iconlirajie:lirajie 0 8
Mature content
burning :iconlirajie:lirajie 0 0
crash and burn
when everything is right
things start to crash
slowly one by one they'll burn
they'll burn till your life is a bloody ruin
it'll leave you almost like an empty husk
but you are told to live on
move on build it up again
only to watch it burn down
again and again
hopefully getting stronger each time
but who does?
who deals with it better every time?
i don't
no one i know does
no one fully survives
the shit that happens
there will always be a residue
you'll always feel
that little twinge of pain
when you think of that time
when the shit hit the fan
when everything went wrong
and you couldn't do a damn thing about it
:iconlirajie:lirajie 0 2
i need you
i love you
can't live without you
no sense in lying
no sense in trying
you know what i need
your arms wrapped around me
your loving embrace can keep me safe
from the craziness inside my head
you are the very air i breathe
you are every thing i need
for all eternity
so stay make me safe
stay and keep me sane
stay and be mine
for all eternity
:iconlirajie:lirajie 0 2


Dragon water tattoo design by MelodicInterval Dragon water tattoo design :iconmelodicinterval:MelodicInterval 11 2 Big Sissu Cat by Lanmana Big Sissu Cat :iconlanmana:Lanmana 4,293 254 Ouran Shitsuji by jinyjin Ouran Shitsuji :iconjinyjin:jinyjin 4,816 528 An Ouran, Inuyasha Halloween by ElvesAteMyRamen An Ouran, Inuyasha Halloween :iconelvesatemyramen:ElvesAteMyRamen 4,584 555 winter by nye-nye winter :iconnye-nye:nye-nye 9 4 Sweet Lucy by Vicki-Death Sweet Lucy :iconvicki-death:Vicki-Death 7 0 Cold by ValentinaKallias Cold :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 750 0 slave by ValentinaKallias slave :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 1,944 0 Forgiven by Vicki-Death Forgiven :iconvicki-death:Vicki-Death 14 2
Petals of a Withered Rose
Alone on an empty park bench
Staring down
Into hands grasping to a withering rose
One whose petals lost their luster long ago
It's fading, this she knows
But still she holds tight to the thorns
Holding on and refusing to let it go
Still trying to find the beauty lost
The life lost
Trying to find the reason
Hidden deep within the faded petals
Why does she hold on
What does she think she'll find
Why put herself through the pain
She is only a child
How could she hope to understand
As time wastes away
No one but her can understand why
She searches for what she will never find
Or maybe she will
The pointless endeavors of an ignorant child
Days pass on as the always have
And no one pays any notice
To her story unknown
Why should they care
To how she seems to fade with every petal that falls
Their own problems took precedence
No one had the time to understand
Why the girl is holding a withered rose all alone
She sits alone
As her search is coming to an end
Petals fall from her hands landing s
:iconshadowscale-rose:Shadowscale-Rose 1 0
What I Need
You say there is nothing wrong with me
I don't need to get better
Well then you never knew me at all
Never have I fallen not once
Then how is it that I continue to fall
For me time has stopped
It's the same day in and day out
And it just gets more confrontational
And you still don't realize my anger
I asked for help and was denied
By those who should have without a doubt
Now I have no trust in them
No faith in their words
And I just want to get away
It will never change
My short comings, known only to me
So no one believes I need help
At least I've accomplished that
But now I'm falling
And no one can see
So I can only wonder what awaits at the bottom
I don't need to get better
Well on that we agree
But not for the same reasons
I don't want to be better
I know what I need
What I've always needed
I will say this
What I need is not you
:iconshadowscale-rose:Shadowscale-Rose 2 2
Blame Is On You
Run the blade across your wrist
Carve the heart from your chest
Hang the noose around your neck
Drink the poisonous lies you believe to be truth
Drown yourself in the tears you cried
Such a gift was life
But for some it became a curse
Drove them to die
And we are the fools who ask why
So here's something to ponder
Why did you walk away and forget to help
Why did you laugh along with the crowd
Why, did you stand by and hide
While someone you called friend called it the end
So why do you ask yourself questions
You already know the answer to
Such a gift was life
But for you it became a curse
For the guilt you felt for leaving them behind
You too drove them to die
They looked to you for help
Cried out, but you never came
Now you are the one to blame
:iconshadowscale-rose:Shadowscale-Rose 1 5
Is it your voice I hear
Or am I going insane
Am I loosing it all
I must be
Snow falls all around
Winter winds blow
But I feel no cold
Isn't that strange
Maybe I'm slipping away
My sight is clouded
The truth so hard to find
Lost in whirlwinds of pain
I hope it your voice I hear
Maybe that's what's keeping
That small shard stuck in my mind
The memory I won't let slide
Maybe that's what's keeping me here
No, nonsense, it can't be
I'm thinking crazy
Nothing makes sense
You're gone
But then again
That's the nature of a dream
:iconshadowscale-rose:Shadowscale-Rose 4 4
Sides We Must Divide
Pick a side, any side
Time to divide
So pick a side
What are the sides
That dosen't matter
All that matters is you pick a side
Well if you must know
For or against
Now pick a side
For or against what
That doesn't matter
All that matters is that you pick a side
We must divide
Reasons don't matter
Now pick a side
Or stand in the shadows with me
And watch them tear eachother apart
:iconshadowscale-rose:Shadowscale-Rose 2 3
Masks of Life
Masks worn by friends
Of a fickle kind
True trust
So hard to find
Out for one's self
That's the song of the day
Leave everyone behind
When you're needed most
But every now and then
You find someone
Who's mask never existed
And thats what makes it all worth
The pain and betrayal
Just to find one
If only for a moment
It would make it all worth it
:iconshadowscale-rose:Shadowscale-Rose 3 15
I thought of you today
I thought of you today
It's been such a long time
I dreamt of you again
Staring down at you from a pedestal
Our eyes never met and you passed below
But I saw you
So black and so dark
I saw you
I thought about how it felt
The rush and the pain
Knowing that things would
never be the same
I thought about the hope
The way we used to share
Gone now, with very little care
I hear the ticking of the clock
I remember the way it was
Bittersweet and painful
The inevitable part
The way things had to be
You never really did get
What you meant to me
The memories are fading
As they tend to do
Foregone conclusions
All left up to you
Blood between us
I bury the memories
I close my eyes and say goodbye
The black eyes darkened from the brown
The once glowing mind
Lost in the madness,
completely out of time
I carry this trust
a glowing locket inside
The soft sweet chords
Music dancing in my ears
The lotus blooms again
and I watch transfixed
The past a picture in sepia,
No longer of importance
:iconferelwing:Ferelwing 53 23



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